Aesthetic Value

Plants add life and vibrancy to an office, and they can make even the most mundane space look amazing.In addition to changing people's perceptions of your business, plants can also help promote a more relaxed, enjoyable environment.
Studies show people are happier in areas with indoor plants.You can boost your 'green' credentials in offices and corporate spaces by planting interior spaces with plants because plants are a visual way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Acoustic Improvement

Indoor plant displays absorb sound waves and so reduce the ambient noise levels, for example in a noisy atrium.
Indoor plants that reduce noise include peace lilies, rubber plants, and weeping figs. Plants with broad leaves do an excellent job at blocking noise, so they do an excellent job at absorbing noise.
There are plenty of plants you can grow around your home or office in an attempt to block noise. As indoor plants absorb sound waves, they reduce the level of ambient noise in a noise-filled atrium.
Plants that absorb sound are beneficial indoors.A 1989 NASA study concluded that plants are, as one might expect, natural air purifiers. According to the study, plants convert carbon dioxide exhaled by humans into clean oxygen. Furthermore, plants are able to remove toxins from the air we breathe.
NASA experiments have also demonstrated that indoor plants can clean the air indoors of organic chemicals that may cause cancer. The organic compounds benzene and formaldehyde, for example, are among these substances.
People might say that when the experiments were performed at home, the results might differ, since they were performed in a controlled environment with the tight confines of the space station. The space station's air needed to be cleansed in order to be healthy and safe.
Another study conducted in the late 1990s found that the soil of potted plants also contains microorganisms that filter the atmosphere indoors.

Physical & Visual Barriers

Office plants can effectively function as partitions in open offices or as an effective safety barrier (such as a protective covering beneath a stairway).
Additionally, they can be used to create a screen for private meeting rooms or work areas.

Health and Wellbeing

Managing plants positively affects employees' physical and mental health.
It has been found that workers who see a plant from their workstations take fewer sick days than those who don't.