We are the most reputable name for all things landscaping and hardscaping because we love to design unique and creative outdoor projects. Our staff work on a variety of projects every day, including sodding yards, building bespoke patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and retaining walls.

VaradIndia has the tools and the workforce to complete a range of projects, from residential landscaping and patios to government-sponsored commercial streetscapes. Our knowledgeable teams have the design and implementation expertise to coordinate and complete builds. With the help of our vast fleet of specialist machinery, no job is insurmountable.

We are a community of landscape architects committed to fostering relationships between people and the natural world through a philosophy that values well-being, cultural variety, and the natural world's diversity.

We use creativity, ingenuity, and integrity to convey our crafts. VaradIndia uses its full, interdisciplinary design-build and turn-key services with its international landscape architects to provide landscape design and landscape architecture throughout India. In this integrated scenario, the landscape architect and the construction team pool their resources, responsibilities, and skills to work together on the project from inception to installation.

A single point of contact for quality control, a streamlined estimating and production schedule, and installation crews with extensive experience in the landscape industry are just a few advantages of this service. In addition, every landscape we design and construct comes with the benefit of consultation from our in-house horticulturists and arborists regarding the short- and long-term maintenance requirements.

Landscape Design and Installation

Landscapes designed for greatness There are several factors to take into account when picking a landscape design, including how it will appear, how much it will cost, and how much maintenance it would require. It is therefore ideal to develop it with a partner who is aware of your objectives, your financial constraints, and most crucially, how everything may be achieved.

Beyond aesthetics, our gifted landscape designers and architects excel. By incorporating the best horticultural techniques into every design, they ensure that each installation results in a healthy, sustainable landscape while also taking maintenance expenses and the long-term growth of your investment into account.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Design

The goal of the landscape design process is to build a plan that combines your ideas and our understanding of plants to produce a design that surpasses your expectations. One of our designers will arrange a time to meet with you at your location for residential landscape ideas.

To better understand what you are searching for in your landscape, the designer will quiz you. We will also talk about your budget so that we can create a landscape that fits it.

We'll perform a site survey as well during our visit. Photographs are taken on site, and any unique requirements are noted. Varad India Service & Landscaping is the landscape design firm to call when you want attention to detail, dependability, and customer service.

Irrigation & Water Management

Smart irrigation management will make a statement. Water management is essential for environmental protection, but it's also essential for financial security. Droughts and governmental restrictions can make water a costly resource.

To help with water conservation, our irrigation specialists will manage your system with routine analysis, audits, and customized water plans. Greater efficiency, lower running costs, and a commitment to safeguarding priceless resources are all features of this type of irrigation management.

Sometimes water management means innovating changes to the way landscapes use water. In drought-prone areas, we are replacing thirsty turf with sustainable beauty, saving natural resources (and money).

Landscape Maintenance

To maintain the health of your plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees, you must maintain your landscape. Through the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, making sure they are properly maintained and covered with soil encourages development and a secure environment.

Residential and industrial landscape maintenance plans are offered by Varadindia & Landscaping. Our team can provide your residence or commercial establishment a beautifully maintained landscape that wows visitors and residents.

Landscape Cleaning

You need cleaning services for dire circumstances. Sewage leaks, harmful chemical spills, excessive hoarding damage, or (sadly) fatalities and suicides could all occur. Considerations like crime scene pollution, health concerns, environmental regulations, and worker trauma are all important in situations like these. The list continues. Leave these hazardous cleaning tasks to the pros; it's much, much better.

To handle industrial accidents, we have a knowledgeable crew and cleaning solutions. We can neutralize fragrances, restore damaged furniture, remove contaminated trash, and even clean up blood stains. Don't worry; we've seen it all. These are certainly unpleasant and challenging tasks, therefore you must hire a company that is familiar with the required cleaning standards.


Commercial gardening is not just for appearance. A service that can manage large-scale industrial cleaning projects, weeding, litter collection, and tree and stump removal—often all at once—is what you need.

We offer a variety of commercial gardening services. Many of our commercial and industrial clients ask for assistance with controlling pests, selecting the correct trees to plant, removing waste and litter, and dealing with weeds. Sure, this isn't the prettiest aspect of gardening, but it still needs to be done right. In response, we are here.


The work we undertake at Varad India goes well beyond simple landscaping. We can create lavish hardscapes and outdoor living spaces for your house. We design and construct custom outdoor living areas, in-ground pools and hot tubs, decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and other elements that will suit your style and preferences in addition to conventional and custom walks and patios.

Hardscaping services improve your land in many ways beyond just its aesthetics. It enhances integrity, stability, and commercial viability. Varadindia offers a wide range of goods that may be included into any outdoor design scheme. Hardscape materials, which range from concrete pavers to segmented retaining walls, boost property values, cut maintenance expenses, and instantly improve curb appeal.

We demonstrate the elegance and value that can be added to any outdoor space by using Hardscapes products in your next construction or restoration.

What are some of the benefits of landscaping services?

When it comes time to sell, landscaping and hardscaping can raise the value of your home. According to a recent Money Magazine study, quality landscaping treatments can boost a facility's recovery value by up to 200%. Additionally, about 60% of property buyers state that the landscaping and hardscaping features play a significant role in their choice.

Commercial owners adore landscaping and hardscaping services. For instance, nearly two-thirds of all landscaping work are carried out on single-family homes, while just a quarter are carried out on the commercial property.

What does that mean? It means that in modern residences, landscaping and hardscaping have become somewhat anticipated.

Type of Landscape We Offer

The most popular landscape solutions we provide for our clients are listed below. Please don't be hesitant to contact us if your specific project isn't listed below; chances are, we can still assist you in designing and installing your personalized hardscape idea.

We provide:

  • Garden Pathways/ walkways
  • Rockery & General Masonry
  • All types of Garden civil works
  • All types of fabrication
  • Open Gym & Children Park Amenities
  • Curb Stone, Cobbles, Flagstones & Paver
  • Bower & Pergola
  • Pond Installation

Hardscape Design & Installation

Ready to start spending more time in your yard?

A unique hardscape design may add beauty and curb appeal to any outdoor space while increasing the value of a property. Create a one-of-a-kind creation with Varad India to enjoy for many years to come.

Make your dream hardscape a reality with our assistance! To learn how our hardscaping services may assist you in designing and building a unique patio, retaining wall, water feature, or any other hardscape idea you desire, fill out the form and request a consultation.

All types of hardscape elements can be designed and installed by Varad India, which has over ten years of expertise in doing so. These features are tailored to each individual customer's tastes. Do not simply install a generic hardscape feature in your front or backyard.