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Office Plant Rental

Plants add life and vibrancy to an office, and they can make even the most mundane space look amazing.

Landscape Development

Every landscape we design and construct comes with the benefit of consultation from our in-house horticulturists and arborists.

About Us

Floriyard provides plants on rent for offices in Pune, plants on rent for offices in Mumbai,plants on rent for offices in Bangalore, plants on rent for offices in Chennai , which are fully maintained. Floriyard offers both indoor and outdoor plant rental services, Artificial plants, Landscape development services, Garden maintainance,Indoor plant maintenance.
Our clients can choose from a variety of plant types presented in a variety of container styles.We are always looking for creative ways to use our plants, and the options we can explore with you are endless. Indoor plant rental for corporate offices increase productivity and concentration - around 15% more productivity is achieved when plants are added to offices.The flexibility of our plants for office service makes us an excellent choice for offices.

Buy plants for office

Do you want to improve the workplace or office environment with plants? With our rental or plant buying with maintenance service, you can select the most effective solution,one that is simple, versatile, and flexible. Get your office plants by renting or buying!

With a custom package based on the plants and planters you select and their locations,we prepare a maintenance that includes everything for your office plant’s service: installation,delivery,maintenance.

You can mix and match our plant displays to create the perfect display for your space.There are plant displays to suit every situation and setting. In addition, we can create custom displays if you need something special.


Improving Staffs Physical Health

When interior plants are present, headaches and fatigue are greatly reduced by at least 20%

Improving Staffs Mental Health

The presence of plants in your office helps improves your employees' mental wellbeing, reduces depression symptoms by up to 58%.

Increasing Staffs Productivity

Indoor plants increase productivity and concentration - around 15% more productivity is achieved when plants are added to offices.

Staff Physical & Visual Barriers

Office plants can effectively function as partitions in open offices or as an effective safety barrier.

Attracting And Retaining Staff

Companies such as Apple and Google have realized that biophilic principles are essential to achieving a creative atmosphere.

Purifying The Workspace Air

You can install a living green wall that extracts approximately 1 liter per square meter. Per year, they remove 2.3 kg of CO2 from the air.

Improving Humidity in Workspace

Plant can reducing employees' minor health problems.There is evidence that plants can reduce sick building syndrome by up to 25%.

Workspace Aesthetic Value

Plants add life and vibrancy to an office, and they can make even the most mundane space look amazing.

Plants Rental For Corporate Offices

We offer plant rental that is cost-effective, flexible, and free of up-front charges. In addition, you do not need to worry about maintenance, as we will handle everything.

Without disturbing your employees, we make sure everything is set up and delivered. When necessary, our professionals will maintain, clean, water, and replace your plants once they have been installed.


All offices have different limitations, and not all offices are the same. A certain plant might seem to be ideal for that empty corner of your office just because it looks pretty. Plant selection involves more than just that.


Using the plant rental service, you will not have to worry about such questions. To make sure the plants are in good shape, our rental agreement includes a maintenance schedule.


As a plant rental specialists, we can offer you design ideas to work with the available space. The best solution is always found in collaboration with our clients. To help you visualize how your space may look with plants, we present a photo of your space in a rendering.


The benefits of plants go beyond adding beauty to a room. There is a need for some green in every office these days, and we are here to help you. Let's find the best solution that meets your needs, whether you're renting a plant for an event or during the season.


Plant For Office